Why You Should Own a Diaper Sprayer

Why You Should Own a Diaper Sprayer

If you are just beginning your cloth diapering journey, you may be wondering which products you will actually use, and which ones will sit in a closet, unopened, right up until potty training. The answer to this question will vary from user to user, and sometimes even depends on the type of diapers you will be using.

For instance, an accessory like a Snappi would never be used by someone exclusively using pocket diapers. On the other hand, those with a large home may consider a diaper pail a necessity. Meanwhile, a person with a smaller home and a regular wash routine may prefer a wet bag instead. While many of the cloth diapering items out there are only niceties, there are some that are not required but certainly can make life easier.

One of the cloth diapering accessories on the market today that's sure to improve your experience is one that many cloth diapering parents try to go without. This item, a diaper sprayer, is easily one of the best investments you can make when getting started with cloth diapers.

Here are a few reasons why you will want to seriously consider purchasing one of these wonderful contraptions for your home.

Ease of Installation

One thing about diaper sprayers that often scares potential buyers away is the installation. The idea of taking anything in the bathroom apart—much less a toilet, of all things—in order to add a new piece can seem intimidating.  In reality however, sprayer installation is so simple that almost anyone can quickly and easily install one.

Still aren’t convinced? Try watching diaper sprayer installation videos online in order to become more comfortable with the process. You will quickly see just how straightforward it really is, and will likely be able to put your sprayer in all by yourself.


Unlike a designated diaper scraper that will most certainly go missing, a sprayer is attached to the toilet, and therefore always within reach when you need it most. The diaper sprayer will never go missing under the couch or in the toy box, and you will never need to set a dirty diaper on the bathroom counter to go search for it.

Ease of Use

The ability to quickly hose any yucky solids out of a diaper is truly magical. Even those solids that are thoroughly stuck on after a day away from home can be rinsed away by the stream of water put out by a sprayer. While a scraper would get the job done, it would not be nearly as fast or thorough, and even worse, would require its own rinsing when all was said and done.

Furthermore, if diaper liners are your only means of getting solids off your diaper and into the toilet, you are in for a disappointment. Diaper liners absolutely help with this job, but often these liners fail to catch everything, leaving poo behind in the diaper. Additionally, if you forget to put a diaper liner in your baby’s diaper and you don’t have a secondary means of removing the solids, well, you’re up poop creek.

Clearly, a diaper sprayer is the easiest way to ensure all of the waste is removed from each and every diaper before putting it in the wash.

As an added bonus, this ease of use means you have a far better chance of convincing those hesitant grandparents to give it a try.

More Sanitary

Let’s face it, anything you must use to remove poop from another object just isn’t sanitary. If you are using a diaper scraper, you are left with a dirty object that you must attempt to store in a sanitary way. Even if you do manage to find a place to store the scraper, there is always the chance that baby, an older child, or a pet will find it, and frankly, playing with a poo stick just doesn’t seem healthy.

Alternatively, those who invest in a diaper sprayer never have to touch solid waste with another object. The diaper is simply cleaned off with a strong jet of water which is then sent down the toilet. No nasty cleanup, no storage issues, and no fear of a scraper spreading germs throughout the house.

Good for Your Wash and Your Washer

When your baby is tiny and still exclusively breastfed you don’t have to worry about scraping or spraying diapers. The diapers can simply be thrown in the clothes washing machine, poop and all, with no fear of unclean diapers or a clogged washer.

On the other hand, once your little one begins eating solids, cleaning all solid waste out of each and every diaper is essential for ensuring clean diapers and a working washing machine. Skipping the scraping or spraying step will most certainly cause a case of smelly, stained diapers, and eventually, a clogged washing machine. Not to mention the smell you will be dealing with in the wet bag or diaper pail.

Because a diaper sprayer is better able to do a thorough job of cleaning solids from your diapers, it is the superior choice when it comes to keeping your diapers as clean as possible and keeping your washer in good shape.

Additionally, a diaper sprayer can be used to rinse urine from wet diapers. While this is not a necessary step in caring for your cloth diapers, it can be good one to take if you are battling with stinky diapers or bad bottom rashes.


These are just some of the reasons a diaper sprayer should be purchased and used by cloth diapering parents everywhere. As you use your sprayer, you are sure to come across many more reasons to continue using it throughout your diapering years.

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  • Kevin Thill