Changing Diapers: 6 Reasons to Switch to Cloth

Changing Diapers: 6 Reasons to Switch to Cloth
Each day, more new mommas and daddies join the ranks of cloth-diapering parents. Scouring the internet to find adorable prints and visiting local cloth diaper stores to search for a particular cover color have become new parenting pastimes, and even baby registries aren’t safe from this wave of interest in cloth diapering. What was once a mundane, everyday thing—and the only way to effectively diaper a baby—cloth diapering is making a strong comeback that includes some awesome new twists and improvements.

In this article we will explore some of the positive things about cloth diapers, point out improvements that have been made to them, and discuss reasons why we believe everyone should give them a try. Who knows? Maybe by the end of this short read you'll be ready to ditch the disposables and join the cloth diaper club yourself!


One of the best reasons to choose cloth has to do with the bigger picture. All disposable diapers are landfill-bound, and most are destined to sit in those landfills for a very long time before they finally decompose. Cloth diapers, on the other hand, are washed and used time and time again, reducing the amount of waste we send to landfills.

Additionally, prefolds, flats, and inserts that have seen better days can still be used as cleaning rags, and most cotton diapers can be added to compost bins after that, meaning they never have to see a landfill at all.


Many disposable diapers contain a cocktail of chemicals that have been said to cause chemical burns and could potentially cause such issues as cancer, asthma, and infertility later in life. Because so many of these issues occur much later in life, it is hard to pin disposable diapers as the cause for any one person's health problems. However, having such harsh chemicals so near your baby's most sensitive skin can definitely feel like a gamble.

Meanwhile, pre-washed and well-cared-for cloth diapers contain no chemicals. This means you can rest easy knowing your little one's bottom won't be burned or irritated, and their health will not be affected by those chemicals so commonly found in disposable diapers.

Ease of Use

Once upon a time, keeping diapers clean and ready for a tiny baby bottom was a difficult and unappealing task. On top of that, diapers almost always had to be pinned on—not an easy task when baby is squirming—and covers that kept the diaper from leaking were often uncomfortable and didn't breath well, if at all. This led to the invention and enormous popularity of disposable diapers.

However, with the dawn of diaper sprayers, more efficient washing machines, and effective-yet-gentle detergents, caring for a batch of cloth diapers is now easier than ever. All-in-one and pocket diapers add to the appeal with their ease of use, and even diaper covers have improved to include snaps or hook-and-loop closures and better air flow for baby.

Certainly, cloth diapering a baby is easier than ever. In fact, it’s become so easy that even some reluctant grandparents and busy daycare providers are willing to give it a try.


The average American parent spends $550 on disposable diapers in the first year of their baby's life. A one-size cloth diaper stash, on the other hand, can be purchased for less than $300, can easily last until your child is potty training, and if properly cared for, will likely be used for another kid or two after that.

Won't be having any more babies? No worries! You can resell your diapers locally or online. For diapers in excellent condition you can expect to make back 50–75% of your original purchase price. This reduces your diapering expenses even more, making cloth diapering the obvious choice for single-parent families, budget-conscious parents, and anyone else looking to save a buck or two.


Soft bums deserve soft diapers. Your baby is in diapers the majority of the day, so soft, breathable, and comfortable diapers are an important part of your little one's tiny wardrobe.

Cloth diapers come in a variety of soft, breathable fabrics, and many are designed to wick moisture away from the skin. This means you can choose what you feel is best for baby with the knowledge that whatever you choose, they will be nice and comfy, and will likely avoid the diaper rashes that so many sweet babes suffer through.

Cute Factor

It's no secret that cloth diapers are adorable. From mustaches to owls, the prints found on cloth diapers today are as varied, colorful, and fun as they can get.  Many cloth-diapering parents love to see those fluffy bums so much they don't even bother with pants, and it really isn't hard to see why. While diaper changes will always be a bit of a chore, cloth diapers can definitely take the edge off with their adorable prints and bright colors. Digging through the drawer to find the perfect print for your child's bottom is oddly satisfying, and seeing your little one in their sweet fluff is even more so.

As you can see, there are many reasons to switch from disposable diapers to cloth. Even if only one or two of the reasons listed above are important to you, cloth diapers are worth a try.

Whether you are a health-conscious daddy looking to give your child the healthiest start possible, or a budget-conscious mommy hoping to save a buck or two, cloth diapers can help you out, and all the added benefits are just icing on the cake.

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  • Kevin Thill